Let's get started!

This is our standard contributor agreement. It outlines the agreement between you the contributor and Editionsof100.  Please read the information below and complete the subsequent form. If you have any questions drop us an email at hello@editionsof100.com


About us

Editionsof100 is an online design store created by Daniel Freytag in 2011. Since then we’ve grown to include original limited edition designs by creative people from all over the world. Our plan is simple, to make great design available to everyone.

How it works

Once you send us your original artwork, we take care of uploading, production and distribution. The retail price is agreed, of which you receive a 30% share. Payment on sales is made twice a year, preferably via PayPal or alternatively, bank transfer. 


The principal behind Editionsof100 is that our designs are not mass-produced but limited and unique. It’s therefore really important that your design is exclusive to Editionsof100 and not available for sale- in the same format - anywhere else. You retain the copyright of your design and wherever possible we will credit you when showing your work.


We’ve received some amazing coverage on social media and design blogs. This has helped us to get the word out about Editionsof100 and reach a wider audience. It’s important that you also share your design on social media. We’ll drop you an email with some tips on how to maximise the potential of sales once your design goes live. For now just follow / like our social media channels below: